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November 23, 2017

Every weekend people go out and celebrate birthdays, homecomings, or just plain with good company. Partying in Los Angeles is known around the world, with the elite for the luxurious tendencies. Warwick is the epicenter of these transitive nights. 

The Elements Charity is the first of it's kind at Warwick in Los Angeles Ca. AN LA PARTY with an important PURPOSE! 100% of ticket sales go straight to the cities ruined by the Northern Californian fires and hurricane victims around the world.

Our world is being tried and tested with these unfortunate harsh elements. Entire cities flooded or burned down. Families with out power or water...

October 11, 2017

With all the tragedy this year; hurricanes, earthquakes, and massive shootings, it's hard to believe we are encountering one of California's largest wild fires. With over 160,000 acres of land effected so far, 14 fires dangerously spread with most of them under 30% contained 21 deaths reported, and that's just in Northern California.

 For the people being effected there isn't much to do but evacuate, wait, and breathe positivity into how they are going to manage their new future.

For everyone else there is so much we can do!

-Donate Blood. Here's a link to type in your zip code and find a current drive.

- California...

September 27, 2017

How do you enjoy Better? What makes you happy? What makes you happier? 

How do you Better your environment? What makes something Better?

Is this difficult for you to answer? I'm sure, some answer this quick and it's enlivening to your spirit. Others might get very overwhelmed and have to ponder this for a while. Is it even important to know? Well WHY then? Why are we put on this planet? What its the point of LIFE? What are human being's purpose?

I strongly believe that we are here to feel alive. What does that mean to feel alive? How does that feel to be alive?

The root to this answer in my opinion is very simple....

September 14, 2017

Tired of wanting what others have? Catch yourself day dreaming about a tomorrow, that you feel will never come? Well you can actually blame yourself for pushing your wishes farther away. Continuously chasing an idea that you feel is outside your reach, puts it outside your reach. If you want to learn how to manifest I suggest you change the tape inside your head. A healthy thought never starts with, "If I only had.." "When I have... then I can be happy." OR even, "Yeah I would be happy too if I had..." You are literally telling the universe that you aren't worthy in this moment. How is the universe supposed to match someone who d...

September 6, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has damaged over 49,000 homes, and completely destroyed over 1,000 homes reported by Reuters. With 30,000 people evacuated out of their homes, information provided by Washington Post, this natural disaster has 8,800 FEMA (info from MIC) staff helping as much as they can. 

Lately living in the Los Angeles area, I have been hearing ignorant or just under educated murmurs questioning "WHY would anyone stay there, if they knew the hurricane was coming?" What people aren't taking into consideration is that 30,000 people have to go. If 30,000 people HAD to leave, what ever community you live in now, unfor...

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