Tiger's Eye

The Protection Collection, was the first line of stone used in #TORX. Tiger's Eye promotes a positive change in the holder's life. Sharpens will, intention, and clarity. Attracting creativity, wealth, and higher purpose. Protecting against bad vibes and self detrimental actions.


Amethyst brings prosperity and attention to holder. Enhancing passion, creativity, and centeredness. It's also know to repel negative thoughts making soldiers safe and victorious. This royal stone has a high frequency that wards off witchcraft, black magic, disease, contagion, surprise attacks, and attachments.  Amethyst also stimulates the third eye, which helps with psychic ability and intuition.


Citrine is a high vibration stone which lights up the holders whole persona. It's known as the "Success Stone" manifesting abundance in all areas in life. Good luck and good fortune come from keeping stone.

Pink Opal

Pink opal is amazing for sensitive souls. Activating emotional healing, tranquility, and peace. Specifically one's with broken hearts, healing wounds and giving holder faith in a full recovery. Encourages the release of fear,worry, nervousness, and anxiety. Allows you to be more centered and calm. Giving you a present mind to problem solve, specifically toward matters close to heart.

Black Agate

Black Agate is also a heavy protection stone. Prevents stress, bad dreams, children from danger, and negative energies. Helps overcome fears, and brings strength & courage. Can also help treat, headaches, dizziness, as well as skin problems. Also with some pregnancy discomforts and baggy eyes. 

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is another calming, gentle stone. Lessens deep rooted anger and relaxes whole nervous system. Assists with activating the throat chakra enhances communication, stronger intuition, and a connection to the higher self.

Australian Chrysoprase

Australian Chrysoprase brings out the divine truth in it's holder. Gives joy, happiness, and prevents depression and anxiety. Empowers one to understand deeper, and chose to become centered. Promotes love and forgiveness, and releases ego driven negativity and co-dependent relationships.

These are a few Crystals TORX has chose to work with, there are MANY others. Go to Customer's Choice to Order your Custom Intention piece to expedite your healing and manifest your dreams today.

None of these qualities are guaranteed. These are based on summaries of the studies done on stone frequencies. The Law of attraction combined with these healing stones and the power of will however, is unstoppable.