Hurricane Harvey How You Can Help

September 6, 2017




Hurricane Harvey has damaged over 49,000 homes, and completely destroyed over 1,000 homes reported by Reuters. With 30,000 people evacuated out of their homes, information provided by Washington Post, this natural disaster has 8,800 FEMA (info from MIC) staff helping as much as they can. 



Lately living in the Los Angeles area, I have been hearing ignorant or just under educated murmurs questioning "WHY would anyone stay there, if they knew the hurricane was coming?" What people aren't taking into consideration is that 30,000 people have to go. If 30,000 people HAD to leave, what ever community you live in now, unfortunately not everyone could afford to go. Maybe your family lives safely out of town, maybe you have a savings account to take the vacation time you always wanted, OR maybe your family all pitches in, to get you to safety. But what about the victims whose entire family is from that town, or who have no family at all, what if they have only enough money for a 2 tickets but they have 4 children, what about the homeless, what about the animals?? Most people that stayed, had NO other option. 



People are cold, wet, shivering, and now homeless. Some people are injured, some sick, and some even too old to move. In times like this it's so important to see the duality of the situation. Have empathy and give to humans as you would want to be given to yourselves. In status quo most attention goes to materialism and ego. I find that every issue is better approached through love. There are many ways to give a helping hand to Hurricane Harvey survivors.


Me personally, I gave blood and donated $10 to Red Cross Hurricane Harvey: People that have been affected. Yes, I understand that $10 is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but money is tight for me as well. If everyone, JUST in the Los Angeles area donated $10 we would raise over 39.7 million dollars, based on population from Census Reporter. I also am extending 20% of my September proceeds to Red Cross Disaster Relief.


How you can help on FEMA's website.


Sending the love. xo

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