How to Manifest 101

September 14, 2017


Tired of wanting what others have? Catch yourself day dreaming about a tomorrow, that you feel will never come? Well you can actually blame yourself for pushing your wishes farther away. Continuously chasing an idea that you feel is outside your reach, puts it outside your reach. If you want to learn how to manifest I suggest you change the tape inside your head. A healthy thought never starts with, "If I only had.." "When I have... then I can be happy." OR even, "Yeah I would be happy too if I had..." You are literally telling the universe that you aren't worthy in this moment. How is the universe supposed to match someone who doesn't believe in themselves? IT WON'T. Here are 5 steps to manifest what ever your heart desires.


Are you available to observe yourself? Are you ready for a change? You can do all of this through awareness of mind and willingness to be harshly honest to yourself.


1. Clear Your Vision.

What do you want most? What makes you most happy? This is very important to know and answer effortlessly. I suggest writing it down, so that you can reference or add to when ever. These are things that can change in an instant. Also getting it on paper, wether it's a post-it note on your mirror, or a receipt paper under your jewelry box, it's out of your mind. Once you clear your vision, you don't need to think about or distract yourself with a future day dream. It is written, you've put it into universe.


Having a daily reminder to check yourself is great. Using an intention necklace with healing crystals or a gem in a purse can be a great reminder.


2. Always do your best.

This is a chapter out of Don Miguel Ruiz's, The Four Agreements. This is not an opportunity for perfectionists to be hard on themselves. This means whatever you have the energy to do, do it with a smile on. If you can't muster up the energy to be positive about something, it's in your best interest to reschedule. Now no human is perfect. We all will have those days, or triggers that spoil our mood or change the direction of our day. However the more time in a higher vibration mind set, the quicker your dreams will turn to reality!

3. LET GO.

Once you put it out into the universe, YOU. HAVE. TO. LET. IT. GO. Let it go out of your mind, far away from something that you think, you still want. Act as if you already have it and your attitude when you walk around, is thanking the universe for it. The more in love you are with your second to second moment, the more readily what is best for your highest self will find you. If you have faith, it will come to you. It's important to let go because sometimes what you want is good, but something you didn't know you wanted/need could be great.


EXAMPLE: You work so hard that you get that promotion at work and make $10,000 more dollars a year. To achieve this, you will be focused and work your hardest, but the universe will demand that effort from you. Because you demand it from yourself. If you put it out in the world, that you want $10,000 and let it go. You still go to work positive and work your hardest, but you have this sparkle of faith that gifts can come to you at any moment. That sparkle of faith is a very energetic high vibration frequency. You'll have more energy and your time will be better spent/enjoyed. This high vibration attracts a magical life, like winning a car or finding a bag of cash on the floor. Obviously these are extreme examples but that spark of faith is the MAGICAL ingredient for the universe to deliver.


Reference The Secret for more examples of The Law Of Attraction. Other books I've studied to evolve my personal growth include: The Power of Now, A New EarthThe Handbook to Higher Consciousness, The 4 Agreements, and The Fifth Agreement


4. Retrain your Brain.

80% of your reality is YOUR perception. So if more than half of your "life" is perception, you better bet that those thoughts of yours are technically your "life" or "virtual reality" as some like to call it. The good news is, you are not your brain and you are not your thoughts. You have the power to choose which thoughts stay and blossom into passionate ideas &  which thoughts are silly and don't serve you. 


Dr. Masaru Emoto did a study on the crystallization forms of water. With the negative water examined it took longer to freeze and had ghastly shapes. In the positive high vibration intentional water the crystallizations were perfect, taking shapes of geometric snow flakes and beautifully delicate formations.


A healthy human is anywhere from 50%-70% water. Water regulates the body's temperature, lubricates joints, forms saliva, keeps mucosal membranes moist, allows body's cells to grow, reproduce/survive, acts as a shock absorber for your brain and spinal cord, converts food to components needed for digestion/survival, helps deliver oxygen all over body, and is also needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters. It's safe to say that water is a major component in most body parts. Based on Dr. Emoto's findings and the fact that your body is more than half water: Every cell in your body is ease dropping on your thoughts. Still think, "If I only had a _______ everything would be different", is a safe thought? THINK again. Let go of thoughts and actions that aren't in alignment with what you want. No more dreading doing dishes, complaining about the gym, and thinking negatively about yourself or others. LET GO.


This is were the majority of the work in manifesting comes into play. Awareness is the first step for any type of change. Don't get discouraged. Observing your thoughts is more work, but work well paid off in your bright future! Always choose the glass is half full. Awareness is a choice, with practice it becomes easier. But it is a choice. When you decide to be harshly honest with yourself, you observe what the difference between your tainted perception of reality is and the actual the facts of your reality.


EXAMPLE; if Samantha says, "Hey I really enjoyed our time at first, but now I don't really want to share company anymore". One might hear this and think, "What is wrong with me... I'm so ugly... She thinks I'm annoying". these thoughts are so commonly psychotic.


They are your perception on how your emotions interpreted what has been said to you. While it might be hurtful that Samantha doesn't want to share herself with you. You should feel honored that she took the time to observe her feelings and then have the uncomfortable conversation with you and not continue to waste your time. It's unfortunate her ego was offended by this. Life can be so much more enjoyable when we learn our emotional reaction and how our brain doesn't have to lean into these uncomfortable dramatic beliefs.


Your ego is a tricky thing to tackle. The easiest way to tackle your ego is to understand it. Anytime you have a negative thought/emotion ask why? These negative emotions are resistance. Where did this thought come from? why do I feel this way? This will help you become more aware and give you more opportunity with a choice of your feelings instead of a reaction with your feelings. 




The more you smile the more you are living in the present. :) Enjoy your day. Then you have nothing to strive to manifest for.


Happy manifesting. XO.




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