A Better, Better.

September 27, 2017


How do you enjoy Better? What makes you happy? What makes you happier? 


How do you Better your environment? What makes something Better?


Is this difficult for you to answer? I'm sure, some answer this quick and it's enlivening to your spirit. Others might get very overwhelmed and have to ponder this for a while. Is it even important to know? Well WHY then? Why are we put on this planet? What its the point of LIFE? What are human being's purpose?


I strongly believe that we are here to feel alive. What does that mean to feel alive? How does that feel to be alive?


The root to this answer in my opinion is very simple. To love. To find people you love. To taste things you love. To literally feel things you love.


To Better yourself and your surroundings.


Why do people surround themselves with things that are so unenjoyable and painful?


Well we all have defense mechanisms to avoid uncomfortable truths and harsh realities. We've literally been trained to do so since day one. Through advertising and marketing in magazines, books, internet, TV, radio, social media, politicians, etc. all the waves constantly influencing our core, we become mildly to severely brainwashed. Brainwashed to believe we need more or something physically better. Some humans are curious enough to fight the grain. However, there is a reason Thomas Gray wrote, "... ignorance is bliss..."


Life can be extremely difficult to understand and enjoy.


BUT it doesn't have to be :)


TORX is not only a fashion brand to provide confident inducing intention pieces. Our mission is also to better our surroundings. Through awareness, empathy, love, and inspiration.


A Better, Better Podcast is going to be published very soon.

For A Better You. A Better Tomorrow. A Better World.

We would love your feedback, support, and for you to share how you better yourself and your tomorrow.


To share questions, concerns, and good vibes email blogtobetter@gmail.com.

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